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De Romein Nearshore LTD

The Romein Group has added a nearshore division to its portfolio. This new branch is the result of the takeover of an existing family company based in Lisburn (Ireland). This company has the same soul as De Romein, with a lot of know-how and technically highly qualified personnel. Together with the French colleagues of De Romein SASU, De Romein Nearshore LTD is realising the landfall of a RTE wind farm in Fécamp (FR). We are doing this for our client Prysmian.


This contract involves ballasting and finishing the powerlines, repairing the quay and the harbour channel. All this will be carried out safely, neatly and accurately in a very busy port. Our motivated staff will ensure that everything will be returned in its original state to the Fécamp port authorities in a few months' time.


In the near future, De Romein Nearshore LTD will be executing nearshore projects for the same client in France as well as Germany and the United Kingdom.

We are actively working on the energy transition within Europe.

De Romein Nearshore LTD


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