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TENP III (Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline)

De Romein have been contracted by Streicher to support civil works on pipeline project TENP III (Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline), replacement of a DN1000 pipe on 51km (Lot 1 and 2) between stations of Mittelbrunn and Klingenmünster in the district Rheinland Pflatz in Germany.

These works consist of Removal of the existing TENP I pipeline - excavation and backfilling for the removal together with a team from Streicher, trenching for the new pipeline, installation of bedding and backfill with padding equipment, installation of telecom HDPE ducts and finally the full reinstatement of the ROW.

At this stage, the works of excavation the existing pipe are progressing well on lot 1 and 2 and with almost 20 km done.
De Romein will start the trenching activities for the new Pipeline TENP III from mid May.

TENP III (Trans Europa Naturgas Pipeline)


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