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Groundwork for construction of new Eugal pipeline

De Romein has been assigned part of the groundwork for the new Eugal gas pipeline through former East Germany. This 480 kilometre long gas pipeline between the Baltic Sea and the Czech border will further support the natural gas supplies in Europe, and especially in Germany.

What is the Eugal gas pipeline?

Eugal follows a route of nearly 500 kilometres from the Baltic Sea via Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg to southern Saxony and then on to the Czech border. The project was divided into 14 lots, with construction being contracted per two lots. De Romein will provide civil engineering technology for the six southernmost sections of the route, i.e. lots 9 through 14. Lots 11 + 12 and 13 + 14 are planned for completion end of 2019, while lots 9 +10 are planned for commissioning in the summer of 2020, as this

 requires construction of a double pipeline.

Execution of the work on Eugal gas pipeline

De Romein will execute virtually all groundwork for these six Eugal lots. We are responsible for complete preparation of the route, including construction of bridging sections and access roads, as well as removal of arable soil. We shall also subsequently refill the trenches, repair roads and restore the route and surrounding site to its original state. Three teams will be involved in this large-scale project, with three project offices being installed along the route. Administrative supervision of the project will take place from our Wiedemar location.

Why did the client choose De Romein?

The main contractor for this construction work is a consortium of various parties. The contractor assigned us this work due to us having collaborated successfully with a number of the parties involved in the past. Besides a favourable price-quality ratio and our specialist experience, know-how and expertise, the client was greatly appreciative of our flexible organisation with short communication lines. We can be relied on to do what we say and say what we do.

Gascade operator

The operator of the pipeline will be the German gas transport company, Gascade. This gas transport company is dedicated to the safe, reliable and efficient environment-friendly gas transport in five central European countries.

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