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Construction of underground section of new 380 kV connection from Wilhelmshaven to Conneforde

TenneT has assigned us to construct two underground sections of the new 380 kV electricity connection from Wilhelmshaven to Conneforde. These are the 3.5 kilometre long Bockhorn section and the 1.7 kilometre long Neustadgodens (Sande) section. The total connection measures approximately 30 kilometres, the remaining 25 kilometres being above ground.

Our contribution to the new pipeline

We shall be excavating two trenches over a distance of more than five kilometres. In each of these trenches, we will fit six pipelines with a diameter of 250 millimetres in a sand bed. The pipelines are aligned with a certain gap between them, and welded together. They will then be covered with a 20 cm thick layer of compressed sand. We will also undertake thirteen drillings for the purpose of this work.

New 380 kV electricity line

The new construction of this 380 kV connection is part of the expansion of the transport network between the new station in Wilhelmshaven (in the urban district of Fedderwarden) and the Conneforde station in the Ammerland district. The purpose of this connection is the increased supply of sustainable energy, and transportation of energy from the plants in the Wilhelmshaven region from the Fedderwarden station to the Conneforde network junction.

Reason for construction of 380 kV power line

The new high voltage power line will contribute greatly to the energy transition process. The transport network urgently requires expansion, for transport of the electricity generated by wind turbines in Lower Saxony to houses and companies throughout the region.  Thanks to this expansion, TenneT is also ensuring continuity of the electricity supply.


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